When it comes to the Bible people have many ideas curious ideas of what it actually is. Why does that matter? It matters simply because what the Bible reveals and what it means to us, and whether we believe its witness. Some believe the Bible is ancient literature full of myth and folklore. Others believe the Bible to be a creation of a Jewish religious hierarchy whose ideas about God evolved over time. Is the Bible even historically accurate?  Is Bible a book of fictional legends and lore? Are these merely spiritual oracles? Examining the Bible alongside other ancient texts may help understand it. The history of how we got the Bible is complicated, but it also may shed some light on the question.

Whatever opinions people the people who actually embrace the Bible have, eventually, two main major trajectories emerge… Some see the Bible as actual words that came from God, while others see it as inspired ideas of men about God. There is a third view that the Bible is truly a joint creation of God and mankind working together, but it is less prevalent than the other two views.

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