I published a new book this fall, sort of quietly without much publicity. I had another much more anticipated title coming out around the same time, and I did not want to take away from that announcement. But here it is - "Unheard Voices of Hebrew Kings and Prophets"

How much do you know about the beliefs and spiritual ideas embraced by Jews of the Second Temple Era? Biblical literature lays a solid foundation, but it is not a secret that students of antiquity also survey many texts outside the Bible to understand the broader cultural context.

Inside this book are new and updated translations of seven Jewish texts: Prayer of Manasseh, Book of Baruch, Psalms of Solomon, Testament of Moses, Lives of the Prophets, Apocalypse of Moses, and Apocalypse of Abraham. Because these spiritual works are extra-canonical, their voices are often unheard. Curious? Let them speak to you.

I am excited to put this out into the world, but what my new book sorely lacks, however, are some reviews. The best way to help out a new book to be discovered by others on Amazon are a few helpful reviews from people who read the book. Yours can be the first!