Why did the Star Wars Saga begin with Parts IV, V, and VI? In charge of planning, Yoda was!
Simon S.
Star Wars

If you are a Star Wars fan, you might be chuckling, right now. And if you are not a Star Wars fan you are probably confused... Not all great stories begin from the very beginning or follow the sequential narrative flow. The greatest story ever written, the Bible appears to open with the creation and origins of the world. In the Beginning... But an intuitive reader knows that too many things simply do not add up in the first few chapters of the holy book.

Many people notice that in Genesis 1 God first creates plants, then animals, then humans (male and female at the same time). In Genesis 2, however, God first creates humans, then plants, then animals, and only after that brings forth a female out of a male. This really takes a western liner thinker for a spin. But for ancient near-eastern people for whom this story was written thousands of years ago, it makes perfect sense.

One does not have to become a quirky green alien to appreciate the Star Wars story even if it begins in the middle. The same is true with the Bible if we begin to treat it as a story of chaos and order it was meant to be and not a report on the biological development of our planet and its life. Perhaps it is best to let the Bible tell its story the way it wants to and not the way we wish it would.