Every time I go on vacation I need to go somewhere. I can't stay at home. If I stay at home, I will end up doing things around the house. It will not be a vacation. I can't look at things that need to be done and just relax instead of getting things done. So, while for some people "staycation" works, for me not so much. I learned this about myself years ago and stopped fighting it. For a vacation, I leave my house.

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Hebrew-English Koren Tanakh Maalot (Magerman Edition)

Koren Tanakh is a hardbound one-volume edition of the entire Hebrew Bible (6x9). It features a fairly large Hebrew text in easy-to-read Koren font and a slightly smaller English translation on the opposing page. The translation done by well-known Rabbis is imaginative but accurate. The thumb tab index is also handy, but the best part is that it is just one volume. This quality edition is sturdy and is one of my favorite Bibles!

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