When I first heard that Robert Alter was working on translating the whole Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and I was thrilled that this brilliant scholar decided to undertake such a monumental task. Professor Alter is well-known for his attention to the literary features of Hebrew. When his translation came out, it was supplied with commentary, and I was not disappointed!

If you are looking for a new quality English translation of the Hebrew Bible, Robert Alter is a master, a deep thinker, and a literary expert who is passionate about transmitting not just the information, not just the content of the Bible but the feelings the original Hebrew text evokes, the wordplay and all. Three volumes are impressive, Torah, Prophets, and Writings. His commentary is also insightful and focused chiefly on the language of the Bible. A new way of looking at something, reading something familiar should be welcome. It will propel us towards growth and clarifying our own thoughts.

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