This is a fairly long but very informative lecture by Dr. Mika Ahuvia from the Jewish Studies Department of the University of Washington. It focuses on the Jewish difference and how this notion has been historically perceived and treated by non-Jews. Unfortunately, this understanding gave rise to what we call anti-Judaism, which still exists and continues to fuel contemporary antisemitism. Since Christians engage with the Bible, a sacred text composed by ancient Jews, they should be especially aware of this dangerous ideology that can infect their faith. Keep in mind that this is an academic lecture focused on historical, religious, and sociological questions primarily, not theology.

Disclaimer: Some of the historical material Dr. Ahuvia presents can be upsetting and unsettling to Christians (especially Catholics), and anyone watching her lecture can note her periodically ironic tone as she attempts to lighten some of the sharper points in her presentation. But as much as we may wish the historical events she mentions did not happen, the tangible implementations of practicing anti-Jewish ideology cannot be ignored. They usually turn ugly and violent.

The gospel of John can appear somewhat anti-Jewish and is utilized by those advancing anti-Judaism more than any other book in the New Testament. If you want to find out why and how this gospel could be understood better, I recommend a book written by my friend and colleague a few years ago.