The image of the Son of Man is not unique to the Bible. This portrayal of a heavenly messianic figure was not embraced by every Jew in antiquity, but some Jews clearly awaited this majestic figure to appear. The book of Revelation portrays the Son of Man with a sword coming out of his mouth, and that image is ominous. Both the Bible and Second Temple literature offer us a number of passages that show that the mouth can be a very deadly weapon. The words of the Son of Man themselves can slay; the breath of the mouth can be like a fire that destroys everything in its path. This Son of Man also holds the keys to Hades. The Son of Man in Revelation is not a mere human. His power is unmatched.

Below is an edited version of a live lecture I gave on the topic (about 1.5 hours), broken up into smaller segments. More seminars HERE

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