Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known in the Bible. It touches the hearts of so many people. This video is a reading of this Psalm in Hebrew accompanied by a new translation supplied by the reader. Let it speak to you in a new way today!

ADONAI (LORD) is my shepherd, I will lack nothing. He gives me rest besides grazing land, To refreshing waters He guides me. He restores my life and strength In the right paths he leads me for his own sake Even as I travel through the darkest valley I will not fear any danger for You are with me Your rod and Your staff reassure me You set a table before me in plain sight of my foes. You refresh my head with oil; My cup is filled to the rim. Your faithfulness will pursue me All the days of my life And I will live in the house of ADONAI (LORD) To the end of my days (translation by Pinchas Shir)