Have you ever felt as you read the Bible that it makes no sense? You understand the words but not the meaning or the point the text is trying to make. The truth is - you are not alone. This book is not intended for someone who is new to the Bible or has never seriously studied it. It is meant for those who took plenty of time but still feel like something is missing. This book is for those who sense that there is more depth to those words and want to go deeper. The book title contains an idiom that implies the absence of several fundamental techniques frequently missing in a typical Bible study. And that is what the book is all about! Each time these "missing ingredients" can be added to the recipe of how one studies the Bible, they produce better results. Curious? Then this book is for you.

If you prefer reading books you can hold in your hands (I don't blame you), a paperback version is available on Amazon. If you prefer listening to books, it takes three and a half hours to listen to "Missing Ingredients" on Audible.

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