Dear PSHIR.COM readers, thanks to you, my e-zine has really grown! In September of 2022, my new e-zine had only a couple of hundred subscribers, and now, a year later, my digital publication is quickly zooming towards two thousand free subscribers. The paid subscriber pool that supports my publication is still rather small, though, so if you are in a position to do so, consider a paid subscription to support independent publishing. My paid subscribers get access to hundreds of hours of curated educational video, audio, and articles, plus the ability to comment and interact with others.

I am encouraged and humbled by the number of new subscribers who joined, and I hope that the word continues to spread. Since the number of my free subscribers grew so quickly this year, I decided to extend my weekly email publication announcements to all subscribers. Also, starting this September, besides the weekly update (each Wednesday,) my paid subscribers will now receive more frequent learning reminders with featured content (on Sundays).

SNEAK PEAK: In the coming year, I plan to release new video teachings about the ancient prayer in Aramaic called Kaddish, and more lectures from the World of Hebrew Prophets series. I am working on the new translation of The Psalms of Solomon and hope to post some readings from that ancient book in the upcoming months. Plus, there is a brand-new book forthcoming. So, stay tuned…

I hope my e-zine publication is a personal blessing to you and a tool that enhances or motivates your study of the things that are truly important in our lives. Let's continue to think together!

Blessings, Pinchas