The Apocalypse of Abraham (התגלות אברהם, Hitgalut Avraham) is an ancient Jewish apocalyptic text believed to have been written between 70 and 150 CE. While the surviving manuscripts are in Old Slavonic, it is widely accepted that the original composition was in a Semitic language, evident from the presence of Hebraisms throughout the work. Some have proposed the title “Last Day Vision of Abraham” (חזון אחרית הימים של אברהם) for this ancient text.

I decided to release my translation of the Apocalypse of Abraham in Kindle format (on Amazon) as a short sample to gather preliminary feedback from my readers. This particular translation is a part of a more diverse collection of Jewish texts I am about to release into print. It is being published together with The Prayer of Manasseh, The Psalms of Solomon, The Testament of Moses, The Lives of the Prophets, and The Apocalypse of Moses. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy delving into the lore of this ancient story. And as usual, I would love to hear what you think of the quality and clarity of my new translation.

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